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​​    56 DAVIS DRIVE                                         TAYLORSVILLE, GA 30178​

        First left on Madden Rd. past
        the Post Office.   

SHOP:  770-684-6774       CELL: 770-403-5201          Email:                                                     

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We provide complete automotive repair.    Affordable rates and quality work.
This is a locally owned and operated auto repair shop located in Taylorsville, GA.​​

​Our services include:

•Clutch service
•Mufflers and exhaust systems
•Timing belts and chains
•CV joints and axles
•Complete brake service
•Starters and alternators
•Fuel injection and carburetors
•Front end repair
•Computer diagnostics
•Electrical repairs
•Emission repairs
•New engines installed


•And  more!

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Today’s vehicles are more complex than older ones. They are also expected to last much longer. In the past we expected our cars to go around 100,000 miles and not a lot further. Now we expect them to go twice that or more. Auto manufactures set up scheduled maintenance. They have put together schedules to match your driving habits. Most of us are hard on our cars driving in today’s traffic. It is important to try and keep up with these things. If you have an owner’s manual those schedules should be in there for you to read. If not most of your auto repair shops can get that information for you.                                       Brad’s Auto Service can get that information and perform the majority of that work as well.

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